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PC Plotter 7 Navigation Software - Download and use now!

PC Plotter is now available for download - start now!

Install PC Plotter on your laptop together with a Navionics chart and a GPS antenna and you have a first class chart plotter.  Latest version shows satellite overlays in Navionics Platinum charts.

PC Plotter 7S  Latest full version of PC Plotter available by download and online activation on three computers - giving you the option of using it for planning on your PC at home and also on an onboard PC without the need for a USB harware security key.  Simply save PC Plotter and your Navionics chart (2011 onwards) to your hard drives and then use them as you need them.  If you have used the three activations and change your PC we can (for a small fee) uninstall it from one machine online and unlock it on the replacement PC. 

See these videos for more information concering NavigationPLANNER and PCPLOTTER

1. Saving and loading charts
2. Using Navionics charts
3. Viewing tides
4. Creating a route
5. Course to steer and optimum departure time

Our price £179.99

See how you can use PCPLOTTER here:
Using Navionics charts
Creating a route

Latest version can shows satellite overlays in Navionics Platinum charts.

Plan your cruise at home using PC Plotter:
Plot your waypoints and determine the optimum time to leave port using tidal information in the chart.  
PC Plotter has all the planning facilities of NavigationPLANNER 7 together and also includes the following:
  • quick Go To routing facility
  • click near an existing waypoint to add it to a route
  • right click a waypoint and drag it to another position
  • PC Plotter calculates the bearing, distance and course to steer for each leg
  • Zoom in and out from the chart
  • find your boat on the chart or zoom to it at the touch of a button
  • create your own marks and build your own database
  • input NMEA data from your instruments and display instrument data - choose your own instrument format
  • draw bearing lines on the chart to aid your navigation
  • download and overlay weather information from your chosen data source
Runs on any version of Windows from XP onwards or use on a Mac with Parallels desktop, Virtual PC or VMWARE Fusion.

PCPlotter can be used with both the latest Navionics charts and also earlier versions.