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NEW - View and control PCPLOTTER in your laptop from an iPad, Android or Windows tablet.

PC Plotter is a simple to use PC or laptop chart plotter designed for sailing, motor yachting, diving and fishing. Easy installation and use are key features of PC Plotter and if you disagree, we will refund your money!

PC Plotter can be used in real time, with a GPS and NMEA 0183 or 2000 instrument data including AIS. Without a GPS, planning routes is easy and includes, Dead Reckoning, Distance Off and Bearings from Landmarks, etc.

PC Plotter uses Navionics Vector charts (Navionics Gold, Platinum, Silver, SonarCharts™ and Hotmaps+) that are stunning in detail, look like paper charts and layers of unwanted information can be turned off.

PC Plotter can display downloaded grib and Theyr weather data files.

PC Plotter can turn your PC or laptop into a WiFi hotspot, a multiplexer.  It can also drive your Auto Pilot

Version 7.21 released November 2018

Fixed issue with copy to clipboard for routes
Added support for Lowrance/B&G USR files version 5 and 6
Added Winning Fishing features
Corrected bug with routes crossing the date line
Added Winning Fishing sort facility
Added 'export catches' to csv spreadsheet

Version 7.16 released July 2017

Support for Splashtop - view and control PCPLOTTER in your laptop from an iPad, Android or Windows tablet.  Splashtop can operate simultaneously with WiFi (subject to the laptop having a suitable adapter).

This latest version of PC Plotter automatically sets up the location based service if a GPS is found in the tablet. 
Additional support for Raymarine GPX files including the Raymarine Extensions to allow editing of routes and then resend to the plotter without creating a new route.  Separate waypoint and route GPX files and all GPX files can be individually named.  It has the full set of Raymarine symbols for aSeries,cSeries, eSeries and the gS Series.

Export to a CSV file now includes the route point names if they are set. 

Additional weather features:
Added a facility to the Theyr weather display to allow the user to set a wind speed limit and draw all wind arrows above that speed in red.  Also added the same facility for wave heights as well as changing the colours when using this option.
Users can step through the forecast with wind arrows wave height and tidal arrows all synchronised with time.
Improved messages when loading the weather forecast data. Increased the number of weather forecast steps allowed when loading GRIB files. Changed the display of the weather so that colour changes are instantly made if they are changed.

Added an extra field to show users how to get the weather free trial or to sign up for THEYR weather.

Routes and waypoints:
Improved the export to NMEA so that route point names are not changed in the main route even if they have to be changed for the route sending to the NMEA.
Corrected a bug that occasionally lost the first or second point when sending the route to NMEA.  Fixed bug in optimal tide route planning for very short legs at high speed.
Added display of HDOP from Location based service and NMEA messages.
When VDO message is received when no other position fixer message is received, will now automatically switch out of DR mode if this is enabled.

AIS transponders:
Added the following AIS transponders to the list (no support for turning the transmit on or off or setting up the transponder):-
    Digital Yacht AIT 1500 Transceiver
    Digital Yacht AIT 2000 Transceiver
    Digital Yacht AIT 3000 Transceiver
    Digital Deep Sea CLB2000 Transceiver
Added support for the Vesper marine transponder with support to turn off the transmitter and to know if the unit is configured or not.

Most transponders are supported.

Added MAG VAR changes for dates up to 2020.
Fixed a minor bug in reading USR version 4 files for range ring distance.